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Since 2005

npa - asbl - vzw

MuseBoosting's daily work is totaly dedicated to indie and local music developement, JAZZ Music & its fusions diffusion.


Take a break to listen to this appreciable list of incredible jazz music tracks!

Use the MSRPLUG!

Working on its own future web audio interface, MuseBoosting has developed its MSRPLUG first to provide you with an efficient listening tool that is already adapted to all your mobile dreams.

Discover this fountain of pleasure for your ears & minds right now! 😉

Enjoy the music & thank you for all your listenings on museboosting.be


Feel free to visit : www.blueflamingofestival.be our exclusive jazz event!

On the program : simple & double bills which will fill you with joy!!

Join us on facebook here:

MuseBoosting is on Facebook!

Blue Flamingo Festival is on Facebook!



& SOON :

Let's celebrate with a new MuseBoosting's entertainment tool !

For 2016 MuseBoosting is working on a new Magical Virtualy Tour for all your mobile devices! 😉

As soon as possible, a new MuseBoosting's department & its futures website 'n apps, will bring you into a new world...
With this work, we hope that you will be able to listen to your prefered music on a brand new interface that will work perfectly on all your devices and that will finally be fair in terms of royalties and more, friends...
Stay plugged !! 😉
The MB's Crew.
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